What is Karate? (Kara-Te)


Kara Means Empty 

Te Means Hands

Karate is traditionally a system of unarmed combative skills that were developed for self defense and defense of others. Karate is based on defensive skills and is not offensive in nature.  However, by studying karate, dedicated students will not only learn fighting skills. 

A true Karataka will embrace all of what he or she has been trained, including, self control, respect of themselves and others, confidence, humility, and a higher level of awareness.   The ultimate goal is to obtain a union of the mind body and soul, resulting in a sound person and a good citizen.  The training one receives in the martial arts assists them in dealing with the stress and challenges faced in life.   These challenges may not always be in a physical challenge but can be a mental challenge.  “How to cope with stress, sickness, the loss of a loved one, and meeting our own physical end.”

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