Zanshin Do

Zanshin means the remaining mind.  A state of awareness, a state of relaxed alertness, to have good posture after a technique is executed.  Let your mind, body and technique become one before, after an during an action.  In Karate, it means staying alert and focused in the beginning of a fight to the finish.  To be aware of attack at any time.  Zanshin is the continued state of mental alertness and physical readiness to instantly attack or respond to an attack or counter attack by ones opponent.
Zanshin Do Patch
The Zanshin Do Patch consist of:  The Yin Yang symbol that brings us to Spiritual Harmony.  The Water to have a calm flowing motion.  A Mind Like Water.  Reflections are passed on to us by our Senseis and all our Sensei History to pass on to others.  The Bamboo comes from the earth that symbolizes Body and Strength.  The Green leaves represent Growth.  The Blue Sky and passing clouds the Spirit that surrounds us.  All these Symbols are Harmony of the Universe.
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